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What Clients Say About Private Mat Pilates Classes

"There is something special about her attitude and the atmosphere she creates in her classes that make it not only physically beneficial, but emotionally satisfying. I have taken other Pilates classes from South Carolina to Florida, and she is the best.  

-Bev Jones, MD


"Vicki is an excellent Pilates instructor. She gives very clear, well-paced, step-by-step instruction. Her classes are a great combination of strength-building, toning and stretching. At the end of her class, I feel both relaxed and energized. I have her Pilates DVD and use it often at home. The DVD is just like being in class. Vicki is very personable and genuinely cares about her students." 

-Jane Holtje


"Taking up Pilates has been one of the best training decisions I have ever made. It is a complete fitness regimen in and of itself and a good compliment to any other fitness training. To that end, I highly recommend Vicki Bartnikowski to anyone looking to take up this highly rewarding practice.”  

-Rodney Owen

"Vicki is the best teacher that I have ever had since taking Pilates classes. She is experienced, knowledgeable and professional. Vicki makes all of her classes interesting and challenging. I recommend her for anyone interested in becoming stronger and more flexible."

-Joy Hatch

"I have benefited greatly from Vicki's Pilates classes! Vicki is very detailed and able to judge the skill and endurance level of her students. She has the ability to fit the class to the level of the participants while helping them to progress. Students thoroughly enjoy the class and feel energized and relaxed afterwards!"

-Elizabeth Ziglar